Cosmética deportiva facial - Rutina en tres pasos

Facial sports cosmetics - Routine in three steps

How many products do you need to create your sports cosmetics routine? With just three you can create a routine that is simple yet powerful.

Step one:

To start, use a facial cleanser or make-up remover. It's key to have a clean face before embarking on a sporting adventure. If you do sport with dirty skin, you're likely to end up with pimples on your face.

Why does this happen? Because the pores of our face become clogged. When we do sport, the body temperature rises and the pores dilate. With enlarged pores, if the skin is clean, the sebum contained in the pores will come to the surface without a problem, but if the skin is dirty, the sebum cannot come out and annoying blackheads can form.

Step two:

Secondly, if you like to train outdoors don't forget to apply a sunscreen! It's best if it's water-resistant so that it doesn't disappear with the first drop of sweat.

But if you prefer to train indoors, you can replace the sunscreen with a light, moisturising product that won't clog your pores. If it adds a refreshing touch, you'll be grateful for it. An example might be aloe vera gel.

Step three:

Finally, after your workout, a warm shower is ideal to revive your skin. Then apply a moisturiser that suits your style of sport. What kind of moisturiser?

For intense workouts, use creams that moisturise and soothe the skin, reduce redness and provide smoothness. Remember that with intense sports we eliminate fat and the skin loses firmness, so a firming effect will be ideal for these cases.

Are you more into water sports? Opt for super moisturising creams to counteract the effect of salt, chlorine and sun and balance the skin barrier. Also, if they contain depigmenting ingredients, they will help even out your skin tone in case of sun-induced depigmentation.

And if you're into yoga or pilates, a cream that enhances the benefits of these exercises is your perfect accomplice! You will moisturise, revitalise and illuminate your skin.

Don't hesitate, choose the sports cosmetics that take care of your skin.

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